May 4, 2011

New Fiction/Fantasy Novel By Orthodox Christian Author

An Orthodox Christian friend of mine sent me the following information about a new novel he wrote and published in the Christian Fiction/Fantasy realm that I believe would be of interest to many of my readers. Below is a letter he sent me together with a synopsis of the book and ordering information. Read more about him and the book here.

Dear John,

For consideration, I would like to introduce you to a new book in the Christian Fiction/Fantasy realm called “The Crimson Knight”. From the feedback and testimonials we’ve collected, this book has indeed helped individuals who have dealt with abuse in the past, whether it is emotional or physical abuse, forms of addiction and even divorce. The antagonists in the book are likened to the deadly sins, and the spiritual warfare is very real in the book and hits to the heart of the reader.

“Demetrious, I felt that "The Crimson Knight" was written just for me. The battles are many, but, we must keep our eye on the light, the light of our Salvation, Christ.” — N.J.K., from New Hampshire

“Dear Demetrious, I said that I would tell you what I thought of "The Crimson Knight" after I finished reading it, so here goes. As I write this, I pray that it will encourage you in your calling Papa God has placed upon you. Each chapter of this book spoke to me and touches all aspects of my life. Like Sabastian, I lost my childhood at a young age. No, my family was not all taken from me. None the less, my childhood was gone. For it was through abuse, betrayal, and unmentionable pain. The abuse was all forms. I grew up fast learning how to protect myself and my brothers and sisters. I lived in a fantasy world, school, and books to cope with life. Like Sabastian, I thought there had to be a better life than this, if not, why was I even born to live this way. And, if there was no way out why bother? Then there was a tugging at my heart at 15-16 yrs of age and only reading God's Word eased the tugging. That is when I started going to a Church of God. At that church, I met face to face with "the Knight who is the Light", the one true God. I wanted to be baptized at that time, but since I was under age, my dad said no, so I could not. Right after that, we moved again. Every two to three years, we would move so none of the family secrets could come out. That was basically the way it was for me and my brothers and sister, Not until I married some 30+ yrs ago. I have lived in one town, had two of my children here. Then I found "the Knight who is the Light", the one true God here. I believe in the manner that you have incorporated the Word of Papa God throughout the book is going to touch a lot of hurting people. For through "The Crimson Knight", they are going to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and they will know it is not an on coming train, and know it is the light of Hope, Mercy and Grace to mend them, save them and lead them to our Lord Jesus Christ. It also will talk to those of us that walk with "The Knight who is the Light" and have the relationship with Him. The last chapter of this book took me back through my life where I came from and where I am at today. To appreciate all I have in my life, the Good, Bad and Ugly. For each is a blessing to this Child of Papa God. For I was wounded and He healed me, I was blind and He gave me sight. Demetrious, your book is a good tool to God's work. I believe it is going to open many doors for you.” — R.W. from Colorado

“Your book made me re-visit my past: my divorce, abandonment and the emotions I had during that time. Your book, the words God gave you to write helped me find understanding. It was like your book spoke directly to me.” — L.I. from Florida

This book was initially written to be of support to the youth of the church, those who are blinded by the magic and allure of Harry Potter instead of finding their faith in Christ. This book is the connecting bridge for the youth who focus on the violence of video games, action of movies and the desire to ‘be cool’ and follow their own path that usually leads them away from Christ.

From what I learned in seminary and witnessed by ministering to the youth in parishes, a lot of the youth and young adults are removed from their faith & their connection to God. The fantasy, gaming & adventure realms are what draw them in and occupy their time. Worship services and prayer time is minimal to nil for these individuals. My prayer and hope is that these books and games will stir curiosity into their religious beliefs and make them awaken to God.

The idea is to plant the seed and water it with the fantasy, and nurture it by bringing the Triune Godhead as the heroic force in the main character’s life. That the character’s personal quest encourages the reader in their own journey.

Please take the time to read the sample book enclosed, and if you feel moved by the Spirit, please order some books for your youth group, bookstore, book club and/or young adults.

Thank you for taking the time to review the information presented and may God bless you,

Demetrious E. Glimidakis, M.Div.


The Crimson Knight

by Demetrious Glimidakis

I have ruined many under the hooves of my horse, and their screams,oh their terrible screams constantly fill my head. Am I any different than the evil that destroyed my world? The evil that I kill?

I have become a man that even I do not know.

Sabastian wants to be free. He is looking for forgiveness, peace, and somewhere to call his home. But he is at war with an unrelenting enemy: The world. After seeing his family and community brutalized by invading forces, Sabastian is kidnapped and taken to a foreign land where he is trained to be a warrior. Deep in his heart there burns a poisonous hatred and desire for revenge against the people who killed his family. He tries to serve The Knight who is the Light but seems to constantly fail and succumb to the violence of his new identity. But faith may find him when he least expects it, and salvation may be the only thing left worth fighting for. Will Sabastian overcome his pride and anger to follow the Knight who is the Light? Will he summon the strength necessary to defeat the Dragon King and restore peace to himself and his loved ones?

264 pages - $14.99 (paperback)
Digital Download Available for $8.99

ISBN: 978-1-61739-957-2
Release date: May 24th, 2011

Mr. Glimidakis earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at Hellenic College and a Masters of Divinity degree from Holy Cross School of Theology in Brookline, MA and is in pursuit of ordination to the holy priesthood in the Greek Orthodox Church.

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