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May 10, 2011

Mystagogy Update

Dear Mystagogy Readers and Friends,

Christ is risen!

I first of all would like to extend my appreciation to all who have thus far expressed their appreciation for my work by contributing financially to this website. Your generosity, no matter how small, has shown that this small labor of love here has not been in vain. Your contributions will ensure future upgrades to this site with easier usability, time for better quality posts and translations, and an overall better reading experience. Yet this is only a small portion of what I want this ministry to be, as more thorough time and research will be put into many studies, translations and publications, three of which I intend to publish by the end of the year if I am given the amount of time and contributions necessary to get this done. I am very excited about these projects and will be announcing them in the coming weeks and months.

I also want to make aware some user-friendly additions to this site which will be completed over the next couple of weeks. Above the Google Search bar (which allows readers to search for key words on my site) to the left are links that I have added according to the requests of many. The first is a HOME link which will always bring you to the main page no matter where you are navigating on the site. The second is my BOOKSTORE which I have started that contain little projects I worked on through the years and now making available to help with contributions for this ministry. The next link contains CONTACT information to get in touch with me with any questions, requests or comments. I often get personal questions from people about me and this site, so I have tried to answer those questions in a few words in the ABOUT section. The SAINTS AND FEASTS link has been my most requested feature, as many have informed me that my site contains one of the best resources on this subject in the entire web, yet until now was difficult to access or find conveniently. I have also included a link with the various RESOURCE pages that I have created, and will be creating in the future. Since I now have a SAINTS AND FEASTS link, I will no longer do the "Relevant Links For..." at the bottom of my page.

Also I will soon be updating my tabs under the TOPICS section to be more helpful in searching my site for various posts. Below is now a Greek Synaxarion page, since many Greek-speakers have requested that I add daily readings in Greek on my site as well. I will also allow for some advertising on my site soon to help financially with this ministry and will be posting more on Twitter as I do on my Facebook page. Some have requested that I look into making an app for iPhones, and since I have noticed that almost 2% of my readers read my page on their iPhones, I will look into it. A regular podcast may be in store also. Furthermore I will be going through the more than 4,000 posts on this site soon and deleting things that are no longer relevant, and updating individual posts where, for example, a video may no longer be available. Please email me for any other requests or suggestions. I have plans for more additions and enhancements; your continued gifts will help make them possible sooner.

I have received many orders for books and there has been a bit of a delay for many reasons getting them available, but they will be mailed out within the next few weeks as things are now coming together. I apologize for the delay.

Hundreds of people from all over the world access this site every day. I receive emails of appreciation and questions everyday from people of all nations and beliefs. Keep in mind that I am only a one man team with occasional and much-appreciated contributions here and there. This makes me feel a greater responsibility to put forward something better for everyone. Your future prayers and support are thus much requested and very appreciated, since by these you also are helping people all over the world. Thank you for your partnership!

With love in the risen Christ,

John Sanidopoulos

P.S. As a one man team, I often make grammatical errors in my posts and translations. Please forgive me and do not hesitate to point them out so that I may fix them as soon as possible. Thank you!