May 9, 2011

Another Orthodox Misreading of the Old Testament

Few Orthodox theologians have read and studied the Old Testament in its entirety, and this shows how badly they interpret it. It also reveals the profound ignorance they have of Patristic texts, which are abundant with Old Testament references. You cannot claim to be a scholar of the writings of the Church Fathers or even the New Testament without having a thorough knowledge of the Old Testament. That many Orthodox theologians have not studied or even read the Old Testament, a basic text of the Orthodox tradition, is proven by the fact that some have even admitted it to me personally.

This is what makes the article posted below so interesting. It is written by a Protestant who is supporting a well-known and vocal atheist for his critique of Orthodox Christian theologian David Bentley Hart. Though the Orthodoxy of Hart is questionable based on his theology alone in his other writings, in this article is revealed his profound ignorance of the Old Testament with a reading of it that I have personally heard in a similar way by many an Orthodox theologian. It reveals the intellectual laziness many Orthodox demonstrate when confronted with difficult questions, and in the case of the Old Testament they dissect texts to make something literal into pure allegory. And a shameful, inconsistent and anti-patristic reading it is.

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