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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Saints Reveal Themselves and Ring Invisible Bells

St. Dimitri of Salonika

Many remarkable miracles occurred within the Russian Orthodox Church during Soviet times. Fr. Haralambos D. Vasilopoulos describes a series of such incidents in his book "Contemporary Miracles of Russia" (Sinhrona Thaumata Sti Rossia) published in 1986. One such miracle comes from a Communist scientist who witnesses how he went from atheism to Orthodoxy. His name was withheld at the time since his life was on the line for making such a statement. He writes the following:

I am a scientist and party member. All the way up to 1967 I was an atheist. During the Second World War I was wounded near Pskov. Before I was wounded I saw in my sleep an old man, who warned me of what was going to happen. He even showed me where I would be shot. Everything turned out to be exactly as he had predicted. I was wounded by three bullets...

Like so many others, I had heard of the holy Dimitri of Salonika's revelations. He and three other elderly men often reveal themselves to sleeping people, even if they are Jews or atheists. I was recently on a business trip to Siberia. The same phenomena, the same type of dreams, occur there as well. Usually two or three elderly men appear. They also reveal themselves to members of folk minorities who have never heard of Christ, and whose parents were heathens. The revelatory dreams are very distinct, and predict that momentous changes will take place over the entire world and that great numbers of people will become believers...

On the evening of August 14th, the ringing of bells was heard in many places, though there were no churches within a radius of several miles, much less church bells. My wife and son also heard the tolling. The sounds reverberated through the area for more than an hour. The distinct ringing of one large bell and other small ones could be heard. Thus the old expression, "We hear bells ringing, but see none," became a reality. Nobody had the slightest idea as to how this all happened, least of all the authorities. But the incident made a strong impression on both members and non-members of the party.
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