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August 30, 2010

Papa-Foti's Vision of St. Luke the New Martyr

Saint Luke the New Martyr of Adrianople was martyred in Mytilini on 23 March 1802 at the age of 19. The translation of his miraculous relics is celebrated on August 25th. Papa-Foti built a church dedicated to St. Luke in Mytilini and on August 25th the 6-month anniversary of his repose was remembered.

Papa-Foti had a great devotion to St. Luke, and especially celebrated his feast day in August because his primary feast fell during Great Lent. After the Divine Liturgy he would always serve food to all the faithful. This tradition was kept this past year by Papa-Stavros who now serves in the church.

Papa-Foti built this church with his own hands on the spot where St. Luke slept the night before he was martyred.

Years ago Papa-Foti related the following vision in his customary humble manner:

"One summer night I was sitting in the lower church to do my canon with my prayer rope. Suddenly in the darkness the church was filled with light which was coming from the Altar. I looked towards there but it was too bright. I thought perhaps it was a car of someone whose headlights were shining inside the church. I went outside to tell them, but... nothing. Everywhere there was darkness. But on the other side the light spread more throughout the church, at which I thought, see, Saint Luke is passing by here and he came to tell me to have a good evening. Who am I to say what he should do? He is a Saint, he can do whatever he wants. What could I do blessed one? To transmit to the world the wonders of the Saint to make him a shrine? God forbid this should come from me!"

Such was the humble and meek nature of the Holy Priest. Whatever he said about himself he would try and ruin your thoughts about him.

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