August 25, 2010

The Right Hand of Saint Spyridon

The right hand of Saint Spyridon was for many centuries in Rome and until November 1984 was kept in the Oratory of Saint Philip Neri.

On the eve of the feast of Saint Spyridon (Dec. 11) in 1984, through the efforts of Metropolitan Timothy of Kerkyra, the holy relic was restored to the Orthodox people of Kerkyra (Corfu). Metropolitan Timothy went to Rome and brought it home by aeroplane. Today it accompanies his incorrupt body in the litanies associated with the feasts of Saint Spyridon.

The left hand of the Saint is attached to his body and is also incorrupt.

Today the holy relic, because it is easily moveable, is brought to the faithful in far away regions for a blessing. In 2007 it travelled to Russia and Athens, and will again be at the Cathedral of the Savior in Moscow between 15-17 September 2010, then will transfer to the Monastery of Saint Daniel from 19 September to 6 October, then from 6 October till 15 October will be in Saint Petersburg.