August 3, 2010

Protodeacon Kurayev Is Not Against Marches of Sexual Minorities

August 3, 2010

A Professor of the Moscow Theological Academy, Protodeacon Andrei Kurayev, believes public actions of sexual minorities are acceptable, but only of a certain kind.

"Thanks be to God, Moscow authorities stick to a sound position and ban gay pride parades, but by the way, I'm not against such actions. Let gays come out on the streets, but let it be 'gay shame' rather than 'gay pride'," Fr. Andrei said in his TV program.

According to him, if gays hold "a procession with a cross in order to repent before God, before people, please, let them do it, especially on the streets, in public.

"But to boast in public that you ignore Biblical commandments and pervert ways of natural life and to go along the city with these slogans pretending to be winners (as only those who win a victory hold a parade), it will be strange," Protodeacon Kurayev believes.