August 3, 2010

Mysterious Events In Kiev in August of 1923

Many remarkable miracles occurred within the Russian Orthodox Church during Soviet times. Fr. Haralambos D. Vasilopoulos describes a series of such incidents in his book Contemporary Miracles of Russia (Sinhrona Thaumata Sti Rossia). Below are a few examples:

The Light of the Provider of Consolation

On the great street, Zhitomirskaya, in Kiev, adjacent to the office of a charitable organization, there is a small chapel. It is dedicated to the honor and glory of the "Provider of Consolation", the Virgin Mary.

One night, at two o' clock, a man from the neighborhood went out in his garden after having seen a strong light, like the glow from a fire, coming from the chapel. The man, who owned a bakery nearby, became frightened and notified the authorities that the chapel was on fire. Gradually, a crowd of terrified people gathered there. There was no smoke, just a blinding, fluttering light.

After a while someone ran and got the keys to the chapel and called the commissars. They opened the door, but recoiled in fear and terror: the blinding light was coming from the icon of the Virgin Mary. The commissar had the little chapel's priests placed under arrest and checked to ascertain whether there might be a hidden electrical wire. They removed the icon and placed it on a small table, where it continued to glow. The entire population of Kiev gathered there, and many fell to their knees and prayed.

This happened on August 15, 1923 - the Feast of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary.

Mysterious Restoration of Icons and Cupolas in Kiev

A few days later a new miracle took place in Kiev, this time in Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom) Cathedral. The icons of Saint Nicholas of Myra and Saint George the Trophybearer, which were walled in above the entrance to the church, suddenly appeared to be completely new - newly painted! On the following days similar incidents occurred in almost every church in Kiev.

On the same street, Zhitomirskaya, there is a large church with five cupolas. One day the middle cupola, whose color was completely faded, began to shine in a curious way. People gathered around the church. When the glow eventually subsided, everybody could see that the cupola had been completely restored and gilded.

The Soviet authorities ordered two technicians to take samples of the metal covering the cupolas. The samples were given to two chemists for analysis. The result came in a message from the executive committee of the district, and read as follows: "There appears to be a new, unknown element in the composition of the sunlight, which causes a reaction in metals when they are heated."

In other words: "You won't convince me, even if you succeed in doing so!"