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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Inexplicable Stillness In Vinnitsa

Many remarkable miracles occurred within the Russian Orthodox Church during Soviet times. Fr. Haralambos D. Vasilopoulos describes a series of such incidents in his book Contemporary Miracles of Russia (Sinhrona Thaumata Sti Rossia). Below is an example:

On the 14th of August 1925, the inhabitants of the city of Vinnitsa, Ukraine collected all the icons they had in their homes and then went out to form an improvised religious procession through the streets. Thousands of the faithful walked quietly with their icons in their hands.

Then something inexplicable happened. The noise of the city suddenly ceased for some unknown reason. Trolley cars stopped. No chatter of birds in the sky. Even the animals in the zoo became mute and stood motionless. Children did not yell or cry. In factories and workshops the machines were silent. This went on until nine o' clock in the evening.

Everyone came to the conclusion that this was happening because Christ and His saints were passing through the city and the neighboring villages. The next day also was the feast day in honor of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary.
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