August 15, 2010

Bulgaria Honors Dormition of Mary

August 15, 2010, Sunday

Sunday is Dormition of the Holy Mother of God, one of the greatest Christian Eastern Orthodox holidays, that brings together many believers.

Known to Catholics and Anglicans as Assumption of Mary, the holiday marks the day the mother of Christ passed away and was accepted in Heaven.

It is a holiday of happiness and joy, for it was the day that the mother of Chirst rejoined him in eternal glory.

In Bulgaria the day is also the name day of persons bearing the widespread name Maria, and cognates like Mario, Mariana.

Many people will flock to churches for the traditional Dormition of the Holy Mother of God services.

The famous Troyan Monastery, which bears the name of the day, has its temple holiday Sunday, and a lot of people are expected this year, as usual. The service in Troyan is to be held by the Bulgarian patriarch Maxim.

Up to 4,000 are also expected for the service at Rila Monastery south of Sofia in the Rila mountain.

The day is also the official holiday of second-biggest Bulgarian city Varna, whose main cathedral bears the name of the Dormition.