June 20, 2010

The Summer Feast of Saint Nahum of Ochrid

St. Nahum of Ochrid (Feast Day - December 23 & June 20)

Saint Nahum of Ochrid, a Bulgarian by descent, was one of the disciples of the Equals of the Apostles Cyril and Methodius (May 11), and he accompanied St Clement of Ochrid (July 27) when he preached the Gospel in Bulgaria. When St Clement set off to the southwestern regions, St Nahum remained in the then capital city of Plisk. Afterwards St Nahum succeeded St Clement in a monastery on the shores of Lake Ochrid, where he labored for ten years.

St Nahum reposed on December 23, 910, and his relics were glorified by numerous miracles, especially healings of spiritual infirmities.

According to St. Nikolai Velimirovich: "Nahum's principle feast is celebrated on December 23 and June 20 is his summer feast. During the summer feast there is a great assembly of people at the Monastery of St. Nahum. Many sick people come or are brought to beseech healing through faith and prayer over the relics of the saint. Not only Orthodox people but also those from other faiths come to seek favor from St. Nahum. In 1926, a Muslim from Resna brought and donated a bell to the monastery out of thanksgiving because St. Nahum healed his brother from his deathbed and restored him to life. The donor was Jemail Zizo and his brother, who was healed, was called Suleiman Zizo. Both were prominent citizens of Resna."