June 10, 2010

Death Threats Against Rev. Themi's Life

Fr. Themi: The Atheist Rocker Who Became an Orthodox Priest and Missionary In Africa

Orthodox Mission to Sierra Leone: The Wounded Lion

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A letter from the mission below:

Over the past few months at our Waterloo "Mission for the Disabled", in Sierra Leone, hostility and problems have been brewing.

Even when Rev T was in Australia, simmering dissent was encouraged amongst the disabled.

The short story is, after building accommodation and helping hundreds of disabled, some of the persons demanded the properties reassigned into their names and for them to take control of the mission and its finances. (these persons were once rebel Leaders & Warlords during the War).

They were rallying and stirring the disabled population and causing mischief, even appealing to the local and international media.

Over the past few weeks, the committee members and I have advised Rev T to abandon the Waterloo Mission and leave it in the hands of the authorities.

But, the link below is a phone conversation (midnight his time) with Rev Themi where he describes that a miracle has happened.

This recording gives a rare insight of what type of man Rev T is; how he can laugh at all adversity, trust God with his life, walk by faith and it also gives us a glimpse of his great compassion for the poor and what he goes through in the natural course of his life as a missionary.

Listen online at pk4asl.VOX.com

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