June 15, 2010

Orthodox Missionary Presents Icon To 'Deep Purple' Vocalist

Renowned Orthodox Missionary Presented An Icon To The Deep Purple Vocalist

15 June 2010

Rector of two Moscow churches Hegumen Sergei (Rybko) presented the Icon of Our Lady of Vladimir to the Deep Purple frontman Ian Gillan.

The renowned missionary and the legendary musician met at the Rock on the Volga festival, which took place on Russia Day and attracted about 200 thousand spectators, coordinator of the Orthodox Fraternities Unity Yury Ageyeschev told an Interfax-Religion correspondent on Tuesday as he also participated in the meeting.

According to him, Fr. Sergei turned to the multi-thousand audience with a sermon and urged them to keep their Orthodox faith.

Earlier, the priest more than once confessed that he had come to Christ thanks to rock music.

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