June 15, 2010

Nameday of Metropolitan Augoustinos Kantiotes

Today is the nameday of Metropolitan Augoustinos Kantiotes of Florina (born April 20, 1906). For those who do not know who he is, he is a writer of many Orthodox books and articles and is very much credited for the spiritual renewal of Greece through his fiery sermons (many of which are recorded), and the establishment of traditional Orthodox theology. He has published over 80 books in Greek, of which over 25 have appeared in English.

Despite his old age (he is 104 years old!), he was able to attend todays Divine Liturgy at the Monastery of Saint Augustine in Florina and hand out the antidoron. Archimandrite Hierotheos Kokonos, the spiritual father of the Monastery, gave the sermon. He has been at the side of Metropolitan Augoustinos since 1951 and a spiritual father in Florina for over 40 years.

The photo above was taken a few days ago on May 29th. The Metropolitan is holding a book of his translated into Romanian titled "An Elder of 103 Years Old Is Talking To You". The Elder is the same today as depicted, very weak, yet still filled with grace and regularly attends the Divine Liturgy at the Holy Monastery of Saint Augustine in Florina every Sunday. He also distributes the antidoron every Sunday and blesses the faithful. He has reached 104 years old by the grace of God, since many times he came near death but has survived. He has also suffered many times over the years by his fellow hierarchs for his harsh critiques, and become what he calls "a football [soccer ball] at the feet of hierarchs". Many Years To You Master! Eis Polla Eti Despota!