June 2, 2010

Orthodoxy and Hip Hop Culture

Renowned Rapper Believes Church and Hip-Hop Have Much In Common

Moscow, 2 June 2010, Interfax – Ideals of hip-hop culture don't contradict the teaching of the Church, Russian rapper, composer and former participant in the Star Factory Dominic Joker believes.

"There are many things in common – in attitude to neighbors, in street postulates that instruct not to offend, to help the sick," Joker told Interfax-Religion.

According to the rapper, "Hip-hop postulates correspond to the spiritual ones" and there's nothing contradicting the Church commandments. "There are individual representatives who are far from spiritual values, but it doesn't cast shadow to the whole culture," he said.

Joker also said that there are a lot of Orthodox people in hip-hop culture and even a special trend called "Orthodox rap."

He urged young people to be kinder. "Kindness is strength. Only a strong man can be kind. Anger is sickness. Be kinder and you'll save the world," Joker said.

"After a chess tournament, all figures: the king, the queen, the bishop, the pawn – all are collected in one box. We come here and we leave this place absolutely alone, we won't take anything with us; then does it make sense to ruin your priceless soul?" wonders the rap-musician.

Dominic Joker, "Abandoned By God"