October 22, 2009

"Weeping" Icon of St. Kyriaki is in Fact Defiled

Romfea.gr reported a few days ago about a possible weeping icon of St. Kyriaki in the abandoned Monastery of the Transfiguration in Nafplio (see Icon of St. Kyriaki Appears to Weep in Nafplio). It was also reported that Metropolitan Iakovos of Argolidas requested the icon be set aside in a protected area for specialists to examine the tears to determine whether or not it was a miracle. These specialists have determined in fact that the icon is not weeping, but was defiled. The Metropolitan has said that local Satanists have perpetrated this defilement by attempting to burn the icon of St. Kyriaki in the area of the eyes, which caused the paint to bubble out. This was reported as a possible explanation a few days ago, hence the need to confirm this supposed "miracle" by scientists.