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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ukrainian Prime Minister on Orthodox Pilgrimage

Ukraine's Yulia Tymoshenko Talks to God Before Running for President

October 16, 2009

Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko is visiting the Vatican Friday, October 16. She will also visit Jerusalem before the presidential campaign in Ukraine.

"I will go to the Vatican at the invitation of Pope Benedict XVI. It is very important for me to hold all necessary discussions about cooperation between the government in Ukraine and the Council of Churches, and about what steps we have been making to help churches fulfill their mission. I think it is a very important discussion, because, in my opinion, only from spiritual revival can the country's economic revival begin," says a statement, posted on Tymoshenko's web blog.

The Ukrainian prime minister also plans to visit the holy sites in Jerusalem.

"I, as an Orthodox, want to see all the holy sites of great importance for the Orthodox believers, before a hard trial begins - the presidential elections and, most important, the restoration of order in the country after the presidential elections," Tymoshenko said.

“I want to worship the Lord’s Sepulcher, to visit the places connected with the name of Jesus Christ and just confess, commune, repent and go further, believing that the Lord has wonderful future in store for Ukraine,” she said.

As was reported, in July 2009 the Pope invited head of the Ukrainian government to visit Vatican, Interfax said.

The presidential campaign in Ukraine starts on October 19.

Below are photos of her meeting with the Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilus.

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