October 20, 2009

Icon of St. Kyriaki Appears to Weep in Nafplio

An icon of St. Kyriaki at the Monastery of the Transfiguration of our Savior located in Nafplio, Greece has appeared to weep. It wept five millimeters.

The icon of St. Kyriaki is a portable icon offered by the faithful of the village of Tselou, where also the monastery is located and stopped operating in 1835 except on the feast of Saint Kyriaki annually (July 7).

Metropolitan Iakovos of Argolida was informed immediately of this event and ordered the icon be placed in a protected area to be studied by specialists to find out what substance is emitting from the eyes of St. Kyriaki.

It should be noted that this monastery is frequently damaged by local Satanists and they have also burned icons in the past.