August 23, 2009

Read the Ancient Greek!

Juan Coderch is a Spaniard who recently set up a website dedicated to presenting world news in the ancient Greek language. As a professor of Greek and Latin in the University of Saint Andrews in the U.K., Dr. Coderch got his idea from viewing two websites that exist which present world news in the sister dead language of ancient Greek - Latin. His goal is to inspire his students to develope a deeper knowledge of the language from which western society emerged and breathe into it a new life. Previous attempts to do this was his translation of a Sherlock Holmes story in ancient Greek as well. For an interview (in Greek), read here. To read the news in ancient Greek and find out more about this project, visit here.

This seems to be a growing trend, especially since Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was translated by Andrew Wilson into ancient Greek about five years ago.