August 31, 2009

An Orthodox Christian Method of Ending Abortion

Holy Trinity Church in Perm

Half of Pregnant Women in a Town Near Perm Refuse to Make Abortion After Priest's Sermon

Perm, Russia
August 28, 2009

In Chaykovsky, the Perm Region, 40 percent of women visiting the women's health clinic refused to terminate their pregnancy after talking to an Orthodox priest.

Women in Chaykovsky are issued an abortion appointment only after a mandatory sermon of Father Igor, a priest in Holy Trinity Church, a Perm issue of Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper reports Friday.

During such meetings, women are asked to fill in questionnaires which include such questions as "If you have a child already, and you learn that he/she has drowned a kitten, will you punish your child for that?", "Are you ready to meet the soul of your child after death?", "If a criminal states in court that he murdered someone because his apartment was too small, will he be acquitted?", "Could you ever have a look after abortion on what has been taken out of you?"

Father Igor talks to Muslim women, too.