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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Orthodox TV and Radio Stations on the Internet

Orthodox Television

4E Orthodox Channel out of Thessalonika, Greece (Greek)

Lihnos, Metropolis of Patras (Greek)

Albishara Orthodox TV (Arabic)

Orthodox TV (English)

E-theology TV – Orthodox Church of Taiwan (Chinese)


Orthodox Radio

Church of Greece - 89,5 FM (Greek)

Apostoliki Ekklesia - 88,4 FM - Metropolis of Patras (Greek)

"Lydia of Phillipi" - 94,5 FM - Thessalonika (Greek)

Monastic Diakonia - Sacred Convent of the Holy Archangels - Pelion, Greece (Greek)

Peraiki Ekklesia - 91,2 FM (Greek)

Radio Martyria - 95,5 FM - Metropolis of Hania, Crete (Greek)

Radio Floga (Greek)

Al Orthodoxiya Radio Station (Arabic & various languages)

Radio Al-Bishara (Arabic)

Ancient Faith Radio (English and various languages)


Radio Trinitas (Romanian)

Radio Lumina (Romanian)

Radio Reintregirea (Romanian)
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