August 8, 2009

A Miracle of the Russian-Georgian Conflict of 2008

Orthodox Cross in Tskhinvali Suburbs Helped Stop Georgian Attack Last Year

Moscow, Russia
August 6, 2009

The rector of the Church of the Birth of the Theotokos in Tskhinvali, Fr. Georgy Dzhioyev, told how an Orthodox Cross helped stop the aggressor in one sector of the battle during Georgian attacks against South Ossetia.

The cross was consecrated a few days before the war unleashed and was set at the entry point to the city, the Vesti TV channel has reported.

“When Georgians tried to storm the city, they thrice came up to the cross and thrice turned around. Advance detachments told in their radio talks that holy angels blocked their way when they were coming up to the guard cross,” Fr. Georgy said.

It was not the only sign in the zone of the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict that helped stop Georgian militants.

“During the last events in South Ossetia, when the two armies stood off against each other ready to contact in battle, Georgians turned their heads, then turned around and ran from the field. They said that a female silhouette appeared in the sky above the church,” said the co-chairman of the expert working group on miraculous signs at the Theological Commission of the Russian Church, Academician Pavel Florensky.

According to him, Russians thought it was the Mother of God while Georgians believed it was St. Nina - the heavenly protector of Georgia.