Sunday, July 5, 2015

Saint Cyprian the New Hieromartyr (+ 1679)

St. Cyprian the New Hieromartyr (Feast Day - July 5)


Cyprian was inflamed with love,
Leading him to torments as if they were delicacies.

Cyprian (Kyprianos) was born in the village of Kletzos in the province of Litza and Agrapha in northern Greece, from devout Christian parents. After becoming a monk at a young age he was made worthy of the holy priesthood. Upon being ordained, Father Cyprian went to the Holy Mountain and lived in the Cell of Saint George near Koutloumousiou Monastery. There he cultivated the virtues and became an exemplary monk.

Meanwhile, the heart of Cyprian was inflamed for martyrdom. For this reason he left the quietude and calm of his cell and departed for Thessaloniki, where he boldly preached Christ before the judge, urging those present to repudiate Islam and follow the path of Christ. Those present thought him to be a lunatic, so they beat him up and kicked him out of the court.

The flame in his heart for martyrdom did not diminish from this, but rather increased. Therefore Cyprian departed for Constantinople where he boldly entered the palace of the Grand Vizier Kara Mustafa, to whom he preached the Christian faith. The Grand Vizier was surprised by the words and boldness of Cyprian, so he in turn tried to persuade him to accept Islam. But he failed. Hence Cyprian was sent to the mufti, to whom he preached the same message of salvation.

At a certain point the Grand Vizier lost patience with Cyprian, so he sentenced him to death, and this sentence was gladly accepted by Cyprian. He was beheaded in the Phanar section of Constantinople, the area in which the Ecumenical Patriarchate has been located since 1601.

In this way was the deep longing of Cyprian fulfilled, giving his life for the love of Jesus Christ, in imitation of the saints, on Saturday July 5th, in the year 1679.

Apolytikion in the Third Tone
The divine eros for your Lord and the seeking after your martyrdom, commonly held the angels and the faithful in awe, all-praised one; through asceticism and the great boldness of your confession and the spilling of your blood, athlete Cyprian, intercede to Christ God to save our souls.

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