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Monday, May 3, 2010

The Miraculous Icon of St. Mavra in Zakynthos

A church dedicated to St. Mavra can be found on the island of Zakynthos, Greece. St. Mavra's miracle-working icon is located there.

The icon was originally from Egypt. In Zakynthos, a shepherd from the village of Lagopodo had found the icon in a small ravine when he saw a bright light emanating from the area. Three times he took the icon with great reverence back to his village but each time it would miraculously return to the spot where he had found it. It was determined that it should be left there and a church should be built on that spot, where it still stands today (the village of Maherado).

The present church was rebuilt in 1631 after a great earthquake destroyed most of the original church. In 1953 another great earthquake damaged the church, but it was rebuilt by the devout Christians of the island.

Next to the church stands the 37 meter bell tower which was built in 1802 by the local Nikolaos Kivetou. The bells were fashioned in Venice.

In 2005 on December 8 the beautiful church was sadly ravaged by a fire of unknown origin and many of its treasures and icons were lost to the flames. Restoration is still being done, as the before and after photos below show.

Along with the feast day on May 3, the island of Zakynthos also celebrates another feast for the saints on the Sunday after Pentecost.

Panagia and St. Timothy

St. Mavra Church in 1968

Church Entrance

Bell Tower

Interior of the church prior to the fire.

Interior of the church prior to the fire.

Ceiling icon that survived fire

Ceiling icon that survived fire

Interior after fire

Interior after fire

Interior after fire

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