July 1, 2021

Updates and Announcements - Part 1 (July 2021)

Dear Readers,

It's been many months since I last kept you up to date with any updates and announcements. I've been a bit busy with other things, but now that I see some time opening up for me I saw it as a good time to make these updates and announcements.

1. First thing I need to inform you about is that as of July 2021, if you are an email subscriber and receive daily updates through email from the Mystagogy Resource Center, you will no longer receive any emails. This is not my choice, but it is something Google is shutting down and not offering any more. I know there are hundreds of email subscribers and this is how you are notified daily of any new posts, so this is a big setback. Good news is, though, that I will be offering a new way for all of you to subscribe and receive these daily email updates. I will give more details about this in Part 2.

2. Many of you are aware of a website I started as part of the Mystagogy Resource Center that is titled Praxis and Theoria. It is meant to be a place where I talk about more personal and random things as well as my opinions on various matters outside of ecclesiastical issues. Originally it was supposed to coincide with me starting a new personal Twitter account, but Twitter is such a toxic place I decided to hold off. Though Twitter has not improved, I've decided to move forward with it and will be launching my own personal account in the coming days. I will give more details about this in Part 2.

3. Months ago I informed you of my plans to start translating entire books, and to post these translations as I make them before I formally publish them. This could only be accessed by private members with a paid subscription. However, just as I was ready to begin, particularly because there was a lot more interest than I anticipated, I was informed that I could not have more than a hundred private subscribers per website. This is something I did not know about, and I have been trying to find a solution around it, but after searching and making inquiries, there apparently is no real solution for the way I want to do it. Apparently you have to have your own servers to do it, but I have no idea how that stuff works, so it is not an option. My only choice therefore is to not make it a private membership and to make it public, but the whole point of me doing it was to get additional funding for my efforts, and I know from experience that most people will not pay for what they can get for free. But it looks like this is how it is going to go. In Part 2 I will explain in more detail how this will come about.

4. Due to popular demand, I will be offering another way to accept online payments and donations besides Paypal. See Part 2 for more details.

5. One of the most common requests I get is how to purchase various items of an ecclesiastical nature. This has led me to the idea of just starting my own store. I'm currently figuring out how to do this and hope to have more information about this soon, hopefully by the time Part 2 comes out.

I wanted to limit my Updates and Announcements to only five items at this time, and after giving you a taste of what's to come here in Part 1, be sure to read Part 2 to see how these changes and updates will come about and what you need to do and be aware of. I should be back next week with Part 2.

Lastly, as you know, every year before Christmas as winter approaches and after Easter as summer approaches I do a fundraiser for the ongoing work of the Mystagogy Resource Center. Because of all the hardships we have gone through, I decided to only have one fundraiser this year, at Christmas, so I will not be doing a second mailing and full fundraiser. However, for those who are able, your financial assistance goes a long way and would be much appreciated, therefore I am providing the links and information below for all those who wish to offer their financial assistance and keep this ministry alive and improving. The work of the Mystagogy Resource Center is fully supported by all of you.

Till next time,

John Sanidopoulos

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