July 28, 2021

Saint Irene Chrysovalantou: The Saint of Miracles

 By Fr. Elias Makos

A source of consolation, in the difficult days we live in, is Saint Irene Chrysovalantou, with her many miracles recorded by various testimonies and whose memory the Church celebrates on July 28.

Although she had an enviable position in Byzantine society, although she was a sought-after bride, although she enjoyed the admiration of the world because of her kindness, although she was rich, she chose the freedom of the soul.

After a visit to the Monastery of Chrysovalantou, she made the decisive to become a nun. What she had and did not have she gave to the poor and left herself in the hands of God.

She heard the voice of her conscience, which God planted in her and was the secret voice of her soul. She could not or did not want to silence this voice. With it she distinguished good from evil. It was a voice cultivated and enlightened by the grace of God.

She did not ignore and did not despise the voice of conscience, because she knew well that if she did, she would pay dearly.

And not only did she not overlook it, but she made it more precise and clear by asceticism, praying and following the good.

Without seeking it, when the abbess of the Monastery reposed, she emerged as her successor.

Again, as before, she allowed herself to be carried by the texts of the divine will with peace and perfect confidence. Her heart was rejoicing and her face was shining.

These waves are not wild and destructive, but quiet, safe and lifesaving. Led by in this way, Saint Irene Chrysovalantou arrived at the port of eternal life, endowed with the gift of miracles.

This gift is still a source of sanctification and power today, freeing people from the oppressive burden of sin and renewing unclean souls.

Henceforth and always with her miracles will there be a gladsome light in the night of the world, a lighthouse lit with which many find the way.

God asked from the Saint for a religiosity not typical, not external religiosity, but a religiosity with a source, namely spontaneous and genuine faith. And she responded.

To such a faith Saint Irene invites us with her miracles to acquire. Faith, which will be based on complete love and devotion and trust in the Lord.

A faith that will transcend the limits of the senses and the limited logic. Faith that will mobilize us, that will transform us.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.