July 24, 2021

Ten New Important Updates and Announcements - Part 2 (July 2021)

Dear Readers:
My apologies for the long delay in getting back to my updating you on some recent developments. It's not till you interrupt your normal schedule to attend other neglected matters that you realize just how much you have neglected, which basically means I need better time management for my busy life.
As I said in my last post earlier this month, I made some significant updates to announce to you. They are as follows:
1. I had mentioned that the email subscriptions to all the websites of the Mystagogy Resource Center will be terminated, which is something completely out of my control. I was first informed this would take place in July, but now I am told this will take place in mid-August. I found another way for you to get your daily email updates, so please submit your email if you want to be subscribed in the pop up when you log in and I will make sure you continue to receive the email updates after mid-August.

2. The Praxis and Theoria website is primarily a personal website where I share personal stories, and I told you last time I was making public a new Twitter account to supplement this website, which will just feature random posts I make about everything but ecclesiastical or theological matters, so if you are interested, just look up my name John Sanidopoulos on Twitter and subscribe. The Mystagogy Resource Center Twitter account of course still exists and there the focus will continue to be ministry related.

3. Many have expressed their ambivalence to using Paypal to subscribe with a monthly or annual donation to the Mystagogy Resource Center, for one reason or another. As an alternative, you can now become a monthly subscriber through Patreon and by this means show your support for my work. To become a subscriber, click on the Patreon icon at the DONATE link above or towards the bottom of this website. However, to make a one time donation, you will still need to go through Paypal or send a check, as Patreon does not allow one time donations. Remember, this ministry exists only because of your financial support.

4. Last time I had mentioned opening up a store where books and possibly other items can be purchased. At the link above I made a beginning towards doing this, but will wait till I have a few published items of my own to begin, which should not be long from now. It is called Apollos Publishing. Click on the link and see why I named it after one of my favorite New Testament figures.

5. As you probably noticed at the top of this page, I have renamed this specific website to Orthodox Christianity Then and Now, which is how this page should be referred to from now on. I wanted something simple, self-explanatory and easy to remember, and this was the first title that came to my mind. The Mystagogy Resource Center should not be confused with only one website, but it is a combination of all the websites together. The main website for the Mystagogy Resource Center is www.mystagogyresourcecenter.com, not johnsanidopoulos.com which is obviously the most used and popular.

6. Two new websites have been added to the Mystagogy Resource Center, which can be accessed through this website at the left bar or on the main website. They are actually old websites I was going to use to publish books for paying members, but since that did not work out, as I explained last time, I am now using them another way. KNOW THYSELF will now become a website where I will focus on moral and ethical issues from an Orthodox Christian perspective, while SALVATION OF SINNERS will be a free website open to all where I will begin publishing books online as I translate them or prepare them. Next month I will announce the books I will be working on.

7. My website NEW MYRIOBIBLON, which is exclusively dedicated to Book Reviews, will now increasingly include my own book reviews, since publishers and writers are now sending me books, plus I will include books I am personally reading. Book Reviews from the past that I like authored by others will continue.

8. I have new information about advertising on this site, which you can read at the link above titled ADVERTISE.

9. At the top left or right bar of each of my websites I now have a stamp with a link to the main page indicating that this website is part of the Mystagogy Resource Center, and if this stamp is missing then it has nothing to do with me. Many confuse other Orthodox websites with being mine, so this should eliminate any confusion. Plus, only websites linked from my main website www.mystagogyresource center.com belong to me.

10. Please familiarize yourself with all the websites in order to be aware and receive all the benefits of the Mystagogy Resource Center. I still get emails from people telling me they have been reading my website for years but just discovered there were other websites. 

Thank you for reading and I will return to my regular posting early next week. I am anxious to do so.

With love in Christ,

John Sanidopoulos

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