September 4, 2019

Police Find No Criminal Offense in the Case of the Metropolitan of Morphou

Cypriot police have not found any criminal offense committed by Metropolitan Neophytos of Morphou in relation to his statements on homosexuality and therefore it is doubtful whether he will be prosecuted.

With this suggestion, the Legal Service now has the case file, which is being considered by the Attorney General.

According to a report from, the Metropolitan was the last to be called and he gave a written statement about what he had said in his speech that caused a stir.

The case was then completed, which was forwarded to the Legal Service last week with the finding that no criminal offenses were identified.

In the police statement, it is reported that the statement of the Metropolitan was not made during his speech, but was the direct result of answering a question after the speech, and that what he stated was nothing more than what he was informed was the position of Saint Porphyrios.

The Attorney General will study all the files of the case and come to a conclusion as to how to proceed, whether the case will be dropped or if he decides to disagree with the investigators.

The investigation was the result of a complaint to the Attorney General by Costas Gavrielides, advisor to the President of the Cypriot Republic for Multiculturalism, Acceptance and Respect for Diversity, who sought to investigate whether the Metropolitan supported, with constructed arguments, the promotion of intolerance towards the LGBT community, while at the same time insulting parents of homosexuals and targeting mainly their mothers.

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