September 30, 2019

The Best of September 2019 by the Mystagogy Resource Center (MRC)

Below is the monthly review for the month of September 2019 of the ten most popular articles on, then all the posts made on the other websites of the Mystagogy Resource Center. As for the most popular post from all the websites of the Mystagogy Resource Center for the month of September, that honor goes to:

1. The Story Behind the Only Church in Greece Dedicated to the Prophet Jonah

2. What Saint Nektarios Was Doing on September 11, 2001

3. Proposal for Dealing with the Ukrainian Issue

4. A Relic of Saint Polycarp Returns to Nafpaktos (Update on the 2013 Theft)

5. The Relationship and Correspondence Between Fr. George Florovsky and Fr. John Romanides

6. What Happened to the Two Crosses of the Thieves Crucified Next to Christ?

7. Did the Apostle Paul Pray for the Dead? The Case of Onesiphoros

8. Holy New Martyr Tatiana Grimblit (+ 1937)

9. Strictness and Economy with Regard to Ordinations of Those Outside the Orthodox Church

10. The High Priesthood of Zechariah is Vital to the Liturgical Calendar of the Church

1. "Honeyland" Is A Documentary You Want To See Now

2. Preaching and the Internet: A Contemporary Pastoral Problem

3. The Stag of Saint Eustathios Plakidas and Popular Fantasy Literature

1. The Purpose of the Creation Account in Genesis According to Cyril of Alexandria

1. The Eschatological Cult of Climate Change Alarmism

1. A Brief History of Halloween for Orthodox Christians

2. The Saint Who Starved and the Witch Who Devoured

1. A Jewish Woman Who Survived the Holocaust With the Help of a Greek Priest

1. Questions and Answers 103 - 107

1. 22 - Book Review: "Christian Thought from Erasmus to Berdyaev"

1. Mothers and the Upbringing of Children (St. Nektarios of Aegina)

2. Orthodox Hierarchs Address the Youth at the Beginning of the New School Year

1. "Give Heed To Thyself" (A Homily of St. Basil the Great)

1. "The Salvation of Sinners" in "The Way of a Pilgrim"

1. The Priest Who Tried To Investigate the Skull of the Apostle Andrew

2. Benny Hinn Rejecting the Prosperity Gospel?

3. What My High School Taught Me About the End of the World in 1994

4. My 9/11 Story