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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Synaxarion of Saint Nestor the Martyr of Thessaloniki

St. Nestor the Martyr (Feast Day - October 27)


In cutting off both Lyaios and the brutal indignity of error,
Nestor is cut by the sword.
On the twenty-seventh diligent Nestor was beheaded.

Saint Nestor was very young, at around the time when the hairs of the beard begin to grow, and he had a pleasant and beautiful appearance. He was also well-known to the Holy Glorious Martyr Demetrios.

When the blessed Nestor saw how Emperor Maximian rejoiced over and loved a certain barbarian, whose name was Lyaios, and how he greatly boasted of the bravery of this barbarian, and of his victories over those whom he fought, he began to hate this pride of Lyaios. Seeing also the miracles of Saint Demetrios, he took courage by the fact that if only he could arm himself with his prayers, that he would have a sure victory over the barbarian Lyaios.

He therefore hastened over to the great Demetrios, and falling at his feet, he said: "Servant of God, Demetrios, I am eager to fight alone against Lyaios. For this reason pray on my behalf, and call upon the name of Christ." The Saint sealed him with the sign of the honorable Cross, and he said: "Lyaios you will conquer, and for Christ you will be martyred."

Then the noble Nestor entered the stadium without fear, causing Maximian to wonder at his beautiful appearance, and he said: "God of Demetrios, help me." And fighting Lyaios, he struck him in the heart with his knife, immediately killing the one who killed so many. With this he wounded the soul of the emperor, causing him unspeakable grief. Wherefore the enraged tyrant ordered that Saint Demetrios be stabbed all over with lances, and Saint Nestor to be killed by the sword. In this way the two received crowns of martyrdom from Christ.

Apolytikion in Plagal of the First Tone
As friend and companion of Demetrios, thou wast an invincible athlete of godliness. By divine help thou didst conquer Lyaios, and in being slain became a holy sacrifice to Christ.

Kontakion in the Second Tone
Thou hast won thy contest and inherited eternal glory, and didst become a soldier of Christ through the prayers of Demetrios. With him, O wise Nestor, unceasingly pray for us.

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