October 30, 2016

Holy Martyr Eutropia of Alexandria

St. Eutropia of Alexandria (Feast Day - October 30)


Lit torches go before the bride Eutropia,
As she enters the house of her noetic bridegroom.

Saint Eutropia was a pious Christian woman from Alexandria who lived during a time when the Christians were being persecuted and killed for their faith, probably in the mid-third century. She would often visit these imprisoned holy martyrs and attended to their needs.

One day Eutropia was accused before Governor Apellianus for being a Christian, so she was arrested and brought to him. After confessing without fear her faith in Christ, she was given over to be tortured. First, they hung her up and tore at her flesh with iron claws, then they burned her with lit torches. However, this flame felt to her as if it was refreshing dew, as she confessed, and those who witnessed this, among whom were soldiers, affirmed that they saw an awe-inspiring man next to her that was refreshing her and cooling her off.

After facing even more torments, she was thrown into prison. The next day she was again brought before the governor, and she mocked his idols. For this he had Eutropia's tongue cut out and then ordered that her holy head be cut off. Thus the blessed one delivered her soul into the hands of God, and received from him the crown of martyrdom.