October 24, 2016

Holy New Martyrs Isidore and his Two Children, Newly-Revealed in 1953

Sts. Isidore, Irene and George the Newly-Revealed Martyrs
(Feast Day - October 18)

In the spring of 1953, a priest began to appear to the villagers of Vali in Crete while they slept. Among them was a grocer and chanter named Demetrios, who saw in his sleep a priest that told him to go dig at a specific place on the grounds of the old primary school, in order to "remove" him from there. The priest revealed to him that he was a priest and with his two children, Irene and George, was slaughtered by the Saracens, during the initial raids on the island by the Turks (prior to the 1650's). Demetrios asked him what his name was, and the priest said it was Papa-Tsiteris. After writing the name on a shoe carton, he fell asleep again.

Shortly after this the priest once again appeared to Demetrios as he was sleeping, saying: "Wake up, and do what I told you." Indeed, he went to the location indicated and dug. Suddenly, a skeleton was uncovered. He continued digging. In all, he found three skeletons, that of an adult with two children. The revelations to the residents in the village revealed more about the life and martyrdom of the Saint. Among other things, it was revealed that he was beheaded with his two children in the church he served while he was celebrating the Divine Liturgy. Christians had gathered their relics, and buried them with their heads placed at their feet. Interestingly, when the skeletons were found, they were discovered exactly in this position.

This wonderful revelation reminds us of the revelation of the Holy New Martyrs Raphael, Nicholas and Irene in 1959 on the island of Lesvos in the village of Thermi. On October 18, 1953 the relics of the Holy Newly-Revealed Neomartyrs were translated to the Church of Saint Demetrios in Vali. In honor of the Holy Hieromartyr Tsiteris, the people of Vali erected a church in his honor in September 2003, and at the behest of the Metropolitan it was given the name "Saint Isidore the New Martyr." Today only portions of their relics exist for veneration, since an impious nun stole the greater portion of them. The memory of Saints Isidore and his children Irene and George is celebrated on October 18th.

The Grave of St. Isidore

17th cent. Church of Saint Demetrios

Church of Saint Isidore

Relics of the Saints

Martyrdom and Burial of the Saints