August 3, 2016

Synaxarion of Saint Theoklito the Wonderworker

Venerable Theoklito the Wonderworker was perfected in peace.


The calling of Theoklito was shown forth in her works,
Chosen by God to appear stripped of her flesh.

Saint Theoklito flourished during the reign of Emperor Theophilos (829-842), the Christ-hater and iconomach, and was from the Theme of the Optimatoi. The names of her parents were Constantine and Anastasia. From a young age they raised her in a God-pleasing manner, and she watched over herself.

Later her parents forced her into wedlock, to a man who was like her in good principles, whose name was Zachariah. Upon getting married, the blessed one did many and numerous acts of mercy. At the same time she gave herself over to reading and studying the divine Scriptures, and not only did she read it, but she fulfilled in action what she read, conducting herself in everything good and virtuous. All day she worked at her manual labor, and would serve the needs of the poor who would come to her home, as well as serving the people of her household out of her great humility. When the time came for the renowned one to depart to the Lord, she called for all her friends and acquaintances, and foretold to them the day of her death, and indeed it happened so.

As for the miracles that took place after her repose through her holy relic, we are not able to relate here, in keeping with brevity. One miracle is necessary to narrate, and even if we wanted, we would not be able to keep silent, because its magnitude will not allow us to have it escape notice. The relatives of this Saint had the habit every year of lifting her thrice-venerable and all-honored relic, which is whole and complete, and they would change the clothes she wore, putting on others. They would also straighten the hairs on her head, which were white. Then they would cut the nails on her hands and feet, as if she was alive.* After this they would say a Trisagion, and placed her body once again in the coffin.**


* Because they would cut the nails of the Saint annually, this implies that they would grow during this time, although she was dead.

** In Codex 73 of the Monastery of the Panagia of Halki, she is also known as Theokliti and her commemoration is also made on August 21.