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June 17, 2015

Your Help Needed Today!

The Future of Mystagogy: Annual Update and Appeal

Dear Readers:

Another year has passed, and thanks to my faithful readers and supporters this ministry has been kept running and growing. For this, I thank you all!

Over the past year I have tried to bring more content through this and my other websites that is unique and of a distinct quality, more so than previous years, which requires a lot of time and effort, and I hope is beneficial and helpful for those who visit here looking for such.

The future looks even brighter, as I have tried over the past year to clean up a lot of things on this site, update the hundreds of things that needed updates, and systematized certain topics for better user friendliness. This took and is taking a lot more time than I thought, but once this is completed, and it mostly is, I can focus my time on more important things.

However, there is no future for Mystagogy or any of my other websites without you, my readers. This is why it is crucial that in order to maintain and help grow this ministry, that you become a partner financially in this mission. So, if you fairly regularly visit this website and/or my others, and for the most part like what is available, and are interested in its having a future, then I would encourage you to become a financial partner today.

I won't lie, this ministry barely survived this past year, which is why this appeal is crucial. I'm not looking for this ministry to just survive, but to grow even more. Much more! I can't do it without you. Therefore, please give, either as a monthly or annual donation, as often and as much as you can, depending on how much you value this ministry. In the past I requested a $60 annual donation from those who could, but now I am not putting a dollar amount so as to stifle your generosity.

The sooner you lend your financial support, the sooner I can return to providing the highest quality, most reliable and most unique Orthodox information on the web! But I must first reach my budget goal for this period. My plan is to return June 24th.

Having said this, there are a few things I would like to bring to everyone's attention.

First, one way I want this ministry to expand by the end of this year is to start publishing. I already have some things ready to publish, and others nearly ready, but I've been debating exactly how I would like to go about things. Plus, financially I have not been able to make this leap as quickly as I would like, which is also why your help is crucial. However, confident in your assistance, a handful of publications should be available by the end of this year, which is why I also have removed the previous MYSTAGOGY BOOKSTORE, which helped with the financial maintenance of this ministry, so I can make ready for the new phase of better quality publications.

Second, over the past year I have added a few new websites, and over the next year I plan to add a few more (all these websites have links at the top of this page and the feed is updated on the side bar of this site). In fact, one new weblog will be launched this week, that will focus on eschatology, which I'm very excited about, as there are hundreds of things I've been sitting on that I would like to share dealing with this subject. The URL is You can bookmark it now and check back in a few days when it is completely ready to launch. I will inform everyone through social media when it is ready, so make sure you are following the facebook and twitter pages of all my websites..

Third, I encourage everyone to click on the links above titled RESOURCES and SAINTS & FEASTS. This is one way I have tried to systematize my website this past year to make it easier for people to look up various subjects and the various saints and feasts by the date and month of the year. It was time consuming to get these done, but I'm very happy to have them available, and I hope everyone finds them helpful. Over the next few days I will be focusing my attention on other important matters, so please visit the above to read about the daily saints and feasts we celebrate.

Fourth, you will notice a new page link above titled FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. There are certain things I am asked frequently, so to shorten my time responding to each person individually and focus on more important things, I will be launching this new section also within a few days.

Fifth, one frequent question I get has to with the copy/paste feature on the sites. Though this will be addressed in said section, I do want to draw everyone's attention to the new PRINT/PDF link posted now beneath each post. This will allow everyone to print and edit the text as a pdf file, not in order to abuse the texts and repost things without permission, but to use them for your own personal benefit and ministries. Through this feature you are also able to copy and paste, but I ask when you do so to always include the URL of the link from where it came. Read more about this in the forthcoming FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.

Sixth, I will also be updating my SUPPORT THIS MINISTRY section this week to include the various ways you can support this ministry, and also a section where names can be submitted for all those who support this ministry, which I give to a handful of monasteries around the world for commemoration every year. Also, when you do send in your support, either online or through mail, please include your updated information, as I do like to send a letter of thanks every year at Christmas, but I notice many get returned to me for lack of information being updated. This will save me not only time, but money.

Lastly, I apologize for moving along so slowly since officially launching this ministry two years ago. Many hours a day, every day, are put into this ministry for its maintenance and growth, but I assure you the field is slowly being ploughed for the crops to be planted and to sprout and bear fruit in abundance. Working this field alone, I assure you it cannot be done without your assistance, which is why it is so crucial, and in turn it is much appreciated.

There is much more to come, but I will leave it at that for now. Thank you all in advance for your support, and please keep me in your prayers, as I do you.

With love in Christ,

John Sanidopoulos

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