June 11, 2015

Request from the Athonite Brotherhood of "Axion Estin"

Today, June 11th, we celebrate the commemoration of the revelation of the hymn "Axion Estin" by the Archangel Gabriel to fathers of Mount Athos over a millenium ago. For this reason I am submitting a letter I received about six months ago from the fathers of the new brotherhood of the Cell of "Axion Estin", in which they are seeking financial assistance for the resoration of this historic cell.

For more than a millenium, in the heart of the Athonite state, in Karyes of Mount Athos, is the presence of the Cell of "Axion Estin", which happens to be a monument of great spiritual value. The unique miracle, namely the revelation of Archangel Gabriel who chanted the hymn "Axion Estin" to the Mother of God in 982 A.D at the "Pit of Adein", has become well known in the Orthodox Church. For this reason it has become a place of repentance and prayer for hundreds of fathers from all over the world who wished to live here in Christ.

The Holy Monastery of Pantokratoros has given its blessing so that a new brotherhood can live here. The building, being very old, has suffered many damages and it needs immediate restoration help. Its church, in which is kept the icon of the Mother of God called "Axion Estin", patron of all Mount Athos, with all the rest of the constructions has extensive damages.

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God bless you.

The fathers of “Axion estin”.

Visit their official website for more information: http://www.keliaxionestin.com/