June 7, 2015

Miracle Reported in Russia Through the Relic of Saint George

According to Pravoslavie.ru, a moving miracle has taken place in St. Petersburg, when the sacred relic of the right hand of St. George was welcomed there, having come from Xenophontos Monastery in Mount Athos to visit various cities of Russia on a two month tour that began on April 24th in Moscow.

As the sacred relic was being brought to a church in St. Petersburg to be venerated by the faithful, a blind woman with a cane in hand began to yell out, "I can see, Lord, I can see!" after she venerated the right hand of St. George.

It is reported that the blind woman had gone ten years without sight, and the faithful present were aware of this.

The head of the delegation from Mount Athos, Monk Joseph, as soon as he was informed of this wondrous event, said the following among other things: "We always want them to rely on their faith; it is a miracle, but God gives when there is a real need."

Monk Joseph also said that the monks of Mount Athos keep records of these miraculous events.