January 10, 2015

Saint Markianos, Presbyter and Steward of the Great Church (+ 471)

St. Markianos (Feast Day - January 10)


Carried off to the heavens where he is a great boast,
Was Markianos, who was not a great boast on the earth.

Saint Markianos lived in the fifth century. His wealthy ancestors came from Rome and settled in Constantinople. At some point he joined the Novatian heresy, but he repented and returned to his ancestral piety, spending his fortune in the reconstruction, repairing and decoration of churches and giving the rest to the poor and needy.

He became the priest and steward of the great Church of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople. Among the churches he built was the magnificent Church of Saint Anastasia, near the small one that existed in which Saint Gregory the Theologian served. He also constructed Saint Irene near the sea, and below this the Church of Saint Isidore the Martyr and the Church of Saint Stratonikos.

Saint Markianos reposed in 471. For his great reverence, philanthropy and almsgiving, together with the pious use of his education, the Church numbered him among her saints. His synaxis was held in the Church of Saint John the Baptist near the Cistern of Saint Mokios, which was near the Church of Saint Mokios in Constantinople.