January 16, 2015

Saint Danax the Reader

St. Danax the Reader (Feast Day - January 16)


Deprived of your head at the delta O Danax,
You were beheaded and seen to be a heavenly ruler and master.

The Holy Martyr Danax lived during the second century and came from Illyricum (i.e. Albania), from a place called Aulon (i.e. Vlore). He served there as a Reader of the Church.

During an invasion by pagans, the Saint took the church vessels and hid them in a remote place five miles from the city near the sea, in order that they not fall into the hands of the unbelievers. He was seized by soldiers, however, and was being forced to sacrifice to the god Dionysios. Refusing to sacrifice and worship their loathsome idols, he remained firm in his faith in Christ. For this he was beheaded, and his body was thrown into the sea. In this manner Saint Danax received the crown of martyrdom.