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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Archbishop Jovan To Be Released From Prison

Aimilios Polygenis
January 10, 2015

It took almost three and a half years of confinement in prison in Skopje to hear some good news in the case of Metropolitan Jovan (John) of Ochrid.

The judicial authorities decided, according to exclusive information from, to release the Metropolitan on January 19th, having been imprisoned for three years and two months in the penal system of Skopje.

The information indicates that the release of the Archbishop was proposed by the Director of the prison and the decision was made by the President of the Basic Court.

A catalytic role in the release of the Archbishop of Ohrid was allegedly made by the Russian Orthodox Church, and the decision was made only a few days after the visit of Metropolitan Hilarion to Skopje.

For a brief history of the arrest and imprisonment, see:

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