November 28, 2014

The Translation and Washing of the Relics of an Unknown Hieromartyr (video + photos)

In the village of Chiliodendro of the Holy Metropolis of Kastoria within the solemn atmosphere of Vespers, there took place the translation of the relics of an unknown martyr, the Priest Vasilios Karapalikis, who in 1902 was martyred by Muslims with a bullet and an axe to the head.

He was a pious man, respected even by the Turks. However, envy for his holy life in general, initiated the fury of the conquerors.

In the 112 years that have passed since then and with the continuous miraculous interventions, appearances and protection to persons of his village and his family, he has been established as a martyr of the Church.

This is why Metropolitan Seraphim of Kastoria, having verified himself in writing about certain events, organized for the evening of November 27th 2014 to wash his bones, which were fragrant throughout the duration of Vespers as well as during the washing, as testified by the priests who were present.

The Service was attended by neighboring Metropolitan Paul of Sisanio and Siatistis, who presided over the Service, Metropolitan David of Grevena, as well as His Eminence Metropolitan Theoklitos of Vresthenis, who was in the midst of a pilgrimage to Kastoria to visit the place where the sacred relics of Saint Sophia of Kleisoura can be found.

The ministry of the word was undertaken by His Eminence Metropolitan Paul, who emphasized the unitary character of the presence of the Priest in one place and the honor bestowed upon this place by the martyrdom of his blood.

Lastly, he pointed out that if his body was cremated after he died, we would not have known about his holy relics because they would not have survived, and also that the dead are not utilitarian items for recycling but images of God and temples of the Holy Spirit.

His Eminence Metropolitan Seraphim thanked the Holy Hierarchs for their presence and participation in this unique event and prayed our Lord, through the intercessions of this Holy Martyr, gives them health and many years in the episcopal ministry.

And only the pictures below shows the moving event, which reminds us of the ancient and glorious days of old, when our ancestors buried and washed the bones of the martyrs of our faith.

His Eminence Seraphim instructed to place the bones behind the Altar of the Church, stressing that all the rest of the relics belong to God and the Church. God will tell!

And the most shocking fact is first of all that the skull is shattered by the many blows he received with the ax, and secondly the amber color of the bone after so many years below ground.

Enjoy the unique photographic and audiovisual material below.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.