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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Cave Churches of Saint Katherine in Kythera

Five chapels in Kythera are dedicated to Saint Katherine, who is a much loved Saint throughout Greece and is celebrated on November 25th.

These chapels can be found in the area of Paleochora, of Alexandrades, of Priniadika, of Mylopotamos near the watermills and of Sparagariou Kapsali, and the last two are even cave churches, like many others in Kythera.

In the area of Kapsali, above the picturesque beach of Sparagariou, a magnificent location on the hillside of Saint Spyridon, is the cave of Saint Katherine.

Before you enter you are impressed by the canyon of Sparagariou and the imposing mass of the castle high above, while the eye finds rest looking at the endless blue sea that lies ahead.

When you enter you encounter a plain church, fashioned by the hand of the Creator, with minimal interference.

The Church of Saint Katherine in Sparagario Kapsali is referred to in the Codex of Bishop Nektarios Venieris of Kythera (1697-1729) in the survey of chapels made in 1697.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

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