September 22, 2014

The Icon of Saint Eustathios That Fell Without Being Touched

Eustathios Glymenopoulos as a lawyer of the Mixed Courts of Egypt

The uncle of Mr. Laskaris, Eustathios Glymenopoulos, president of the Mixed Courts of Egypt, was in Athens with his mother, who was the caretaker of Mr. Laskaris, and they were talking. She showed him the icon of Saint Eustathios on the wall and said: "Know that whatever good you have in your life was given to you from Saint Eustathios. He protects you."

He then approached the icon jokingly to punch it and said: "Do I have anything from this tin can?" Paradoxically, however, before his hand approached, the icon fell down and broke.

So after many years, when Glymenopoulos was ready to die, the glued together icon was brought into his room and Mr. Laskaris reminded him of the event. But he either could not remember or did not want to confirm, so he categorically denied the event and with an abrupt manner. At the same time the icon fell again without being touched.

Source: From Ψυχικαί έρευναι (Psychic Research), Vol. 12, January 1936, p.11. Translated by John Sanidopoulos.