September 18, 2014

New Website Launched: "Daimonologia"

In my continued efforts of launching websites that focus on specific subjects for deeper exploration, a few days ago I launched the website titled Daimonologia: Hallowed Entries About Dark Culture & Thought, the Fantastic and the Supernatural. Perhaps it is not a subject many will be interested, but for those who are, it can be accessed at the following URL: An introduction was posted that explains what this website is basically about. The subjects covered in this new website will no longer be explored on this website.

For those interested, you can follow Daimonologia on Facebook and Twitter at the links below and it will soon be added to my app:

The website can also be accessed through this site for your convenience in the link at the top of this page and each page of all my websites, as well on the sidebar where the latest posting will be linked.