September 21, 2014

Synaxis of All Saints of Thessaliotidos

On the Sunday following the Feast of the Universal Elevation of the Honorable Cross, which falls some time between September 15 and 21, the Holy Metropolis of Thessaliotis (or Thessaliotidos) and Fanariofersala, located in the Thessaly region of Greece, dedicates to All Saints of Thessaliotidos. In the choir of these Saints are included:

1. Saint Seraphim of Bezoula, the New Hieromartyr and Bishop of Fanari and Neochorio (December 4).

2. Saint Arsenios, Bishop of Elassonas from Kalograianon (April 13).

3. Saint Parthenios, Bishop of Radobysidios from Vatsounia (July 21).

4. Venerable Martyr Nicholas the New of Vounenis (May 9).

5. Venerable Martyr Damianos of Kissavo and Larissa from Myrichovo (February 14).

6. Holy New Martyr Constantine of Kapoua (August 18).

7. Saint Dionysios of Olympus from Sklataina (January 23).

8. Saint Akakios of Kavsokalyva from Golitsi (April 12).

Apolytikion in the First Tone
Seraphim of Fanari, Arsenios of Elassonas, in the company of Parthenios and Nicholas of Vounenis, together with Damianos the Wise and Constantine of Kapoua of good repute, and Dionysios with Akakios, let us greatly exalt with odes and hymns. Glory to them who crowned us, glory to them who sanctified us, glory to them who worked all types of healings for us.