December 10, 2013

A Christians Perpetual Battle

By Archimandrite Luka of Dajbabe (+ February 8, 2013)

I think that if a Christian tells himself that he's a contemporary Christian, he's already losing the battle. He should remember that he's a CHRISTIAN, and that he is carrying on the same battle that has been going on for two thousand years - the battle for the knowledge of God, for that which remains forever, for that which forms man and his relationship to the world, God, and other people. If he understands this, then he's on the sure path to discovering what he's striving for. Christ is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow, and unto the ages of ages, as the Apostle Paul said (cf. Heb. 13:8). I think that in contemporary life a lie is making itself known, which is brought to us by the devil: that now there is some kind of special situation, for which there are not yet any methods or rules; that now is the time of computers and modern technology, that the path of salvation is now different. I think that along with this lie that he's instilling in us, he's foisting a parallel religion on us, a religion of this world. The fact that modern technology exists now, that we dress differently, that social relationships have changed, does not separate us from the Gospel in any way. The Gospel remains as it was before, for it's outside time, and was written not only for the time when the Lord walked the earth, but for all times.

From The Orthodox Word, No. 287, 2012, pp. 302-303.