September 6, 2013

Fascinating Research on Orthodox Christianity in Turkey Today

With literally bated breath we attended the public lecture of Journalist Nikos Chiladakis, that was held in the Municipality of Thermi and broadcast on the television station 4e of the Metropolis of Thessaloniki on Orthodoxy in Turkey today.

The Journalist, with extensive research and absolute evidence, many of which were reported about in the Turkish press, even on broadcasts of Turkish television, revealed another entirely unknown and buried aspect of reality in today's Turkey, in which dozens, even hundreds, are now openly baptized Orthodox Christians, and thousands are those who go to Orthodox shrines, churches and places of sanctification, while eminent Turks follow with awe the Divine Liturgy!

"Best Seller": The Gospels

Nikos Chiladakis mentioned numerous and specific cases of Muslims who asked to be baptized Christians, and presented the research data revealed in a Turkish newspaper, which records that only in the last three years in Turkey an outrageous number, eight million, of the published Holy Scriptures in Turkish have been sold! (Editors note: This indicates that there are really many millions of cryptochristians in Turkey. According to St. Kosmas Aitolos, a "third of Turks will become Christians", and based on the current population, it seems this could be 15-20 million souls!).

Saint George Koudounas

Mr. Chiladakis also presented the irrefutable video from Turkish channels, of literally thousands of Turkish 'Muslims', that inundate the Church of St. George of the Bell, leaving offerings, venerating the holy icons and wait in endless lines to be blessed with the oil from the vigil lamp of the Saint!

The Power of the Catacombs

Another great event is what takes place near Adana where, as Nikos Chiladakis said, hundreds of ill Turks gather to become well by a woman who confessed on Turkish television that her miraculous power has its source in a catacomb-cave where seven Christian martyrs were sanctified.

The Holy Water of the Archangel Michael

The most striking of all, however, is what the eminent Journalist said about Sebastea. Beginning with the Synaxarion of the Archangel Michael, in which is described the healing of a rich man at the Holy Water of the Archangel Michael in Sebastea.

There, at that miraculous Holy Water, a sacred church had been built, an architectural marvel, but it no longer exists.

But the Holy Water of the Archangel is still there, filled with hundreds of small fish, which lick the wounds of the diseased at the spot of the ailment, and tens of thousands of Turks, who go there from throughout the world, are healed, after entering into the Holy Water!

The Turks have even built hotels and rooms to take advantage of this "therapeutic" tourist spot, many of whom even come from Russia!

A Message Not Received

However, the conclusion of Nikos Chiladakis was equally exciting, when he revealed that although he has worked for major newspapers for many years, no newspaper and no means of information until now has accepted his research within Greece to view this shocking material about Orthodoxy in Turkey! (Editor's note: With the exception of 4e).

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.