January 8, 2013

Greek Orthodox Monasteries of the Holy Land (Documentary)

This documentary, filmed for Greek TV and aired on 3 January 2013, mainly focuses on the Monastery of St. John the Forerunner recently established by the Patriarchate of Jerusalem on the Jordan side of the river, an oasis in the desert. The second half visits other Greek monasteries.

2:00 The Israeli's recently established this section for pilgrims to access the river.

3:30 The Orthodox Church of Saint John the Baptist on the Jordan side of the river. Behind this church is the newly-established Monastery, with a guest-house for about 200 people, a museum and a restaurant for pilgrims.

4:00 The Monastery of Saint John the Forerunner in Jordan.

5:30 The Cave of St. John the Baptist

6:00 The Church of Panagia Paramythia, whose primary icon was made on Mount Athos at Vatopaidi Monastery.

6:30 The donors to the Monastery, who are all locals or from Lebanon and London.

7:40 Icon of All Saints of Jordan, such as the Prophets Elijah, Moses, Aaron and St. Mary of Egypt.

8:30 The baptismal font as well as the font in which the Sanctification of the Waters takes place every first of the month.

9:00 Guest rooms.

11:00 Pilgrim from Patras, Greece. The husband is from Jordan and often visits his family and visits the Monastery.

13:00 A Convent established in the area where Christ was baptized. It will be avaton - only women will be allowed here, prohibited to men.

16:30 A garden of olive trees with chapels dedicated to the Saints of Jordan.

18:30 With about 100 Monasteries in the Holy Land, there are about 120 monastics. Some monasteries only have one monastic.

19:00 Fr. Justinian, abbot of Jacob's Well.

27:30 The tomb of St. Philoumenos.

29:00 Fr. Justinian encourages Greeks to come back to the Holy Land and inhabit and care for the monasteries.

29:30 The Monastery of the Archangels in Old Jerusalem.

31:00 The Monastery of St. Katherine in Old Jerusalem.

32:20 The Patriarch of Jerusalem, Theophilos. He speaks of the Patriarchate, with the brotherhood of the Holy Sepulcher, being the stewards on the shrines of the Holy Land.