January 23, 2013

2 Miracles of Saint Dionysios of Olympus

1. The Widow Who Became Possessed

A widow named Zoe had two children: Demetri and Arsenio. Arsenio became ill and his face swollen. Zoe suffered even more over this.

Demetri brought his brother to the Monastery of Saint Dionysios, that the Saint may pray and supplicate for his healing. Arsenio became so enchanted by the monastic life there, that he decided to don the robes of a monastic. Demetri returned home and informed his mother. Zoe became inconsolable that her son had become a monk. She even went to a witch to cast a spell to remove him from the Monastery.

When Zoe went to the witch, her plan was unable to come to completion. The demon was not able to enter the Monastery. Divine Grace prevented the demon from entering. Instead, the demon took Zoe by the throat and scratched her, saying: "Why did you send me to the Ascetic, whom I cannot approach? Hence I will now punish you."

Saying this the demon kicked her and hit her hard. She yelled in fear and roused the neighborhood. Demetri brought St. Dionysios to her home. St. Dionysios exorcised the demon and healed her, upon which she entered the monastic life along with her son Demetri.

2. Relic of St. Dionysios Survives a Nazi Attack

In 1943 the Germans occupied Greece. They caused many disasters, leaving nothing standing in their wake, and disrespected sacred things and churches.

One day they went to burn down the historic Monastery of Saint Dionysios in Olympus. They completely destroyed it. They blew it up and it became a pile of rubble. Yet the church which contained the holy relic of Saint Dionysios remained completely unharmed and intact.