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March 25, 2011

New Church Expels Ghosts From Russian TV Center

March 24, 2011  
After St. Porphyrius Church opened in the Ostankino TV center, ghosts, who according to numerous witnesses lived there, started leaving the complex, the Komsomolskaya Pravda daily reports on Thursday. "If there were paranormal phenomena, now they are disappearing. The area where the church is situated and divine services are celebrated gets great blessing," the cleric of the local church Deacon Dimitry Danilov was quoted as saying. 
The TV center outskirts have been considered corrupt from the old times. Some researchers believe that there were impassable swamps here in the 15th century and once a year suicides were buried in the swamps: their bodies were thrown in and the bog sucked them in. According to one of the versions, the word "Ostankino" originates from Russian ostanki, or "remnants". 
The building of the Ostankino tower gave new life to old myths. Psychics claim that big antenna directed to space attracts negative energy. Some priests believe that in theory there can be ghosts in the TV center as certain programs produced here promote sin and debauchery.