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Friday, March 11, 2011

Bulgaria Honors Saint Sophronius of Vratsa (Sofrony Vrachanski)

March 11, 2011

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church honors Friday St. Sofrony, Bishop of Vrachnaski, one of the leaders of the Bulgarian National Revival.

A solemn mass will be served in front of the Bishop's monument in the northern city of Vratsa in the presence of officials, citizens and students from the elementary school named after the Saint.

The day to honor Sofrony Vrachanski, March 11, has been chosen by the Vratsa Eparchy, where the Saint has served.

Sofrony Vrachanski, or Priest Stoyko Vladsilavov, was canonized by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church in 1964.

In the beginning of the 19th century, the priest had been considered by the Russian and the Romanian governments the most important representative of the Bulgarian community.

Vrachanski left Bulgaria for Bucharest in 1803 where he served as a high-ranking clergy. He was released from his Bishop duties on his own will, but retained the name Sofrony Vrachanski. Between 1806 and 1812, he served as one of the top diplomats and representatives of Bulgarian people in the relations with the Russian commandment during the Russian-Turkish War. He spent his last years in a monastery near Bucharest where he wrote some of his best works.

The exact date of death of the Saint remains unknown.

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